4X4 Training

4X4 Training

9.00: Clients arrive to the allocated centre for coffee and briefing on the mechanicals of the various 4×4 systems and related issues like transmission wind-up, how and why a differential works, how body roll effects a 4×4’s capability & stability, suspension, vehicle loading and load security, approach and departure angles etc. The problems with not understanding the difference between torque and power, vehicle positioning and land access issues.

9.40: Outside for pre-parade and daily vehicle check schedule

10.00: Arrive at off-road site for practical demonstration of what a differential does and how it works, various vehicle controls, speed, gear selection and Look-Risk Assess. We demonstrate and explain the handling problems caused by modern day centre differentials and viscous coupling drive trains. Demo of the Terrain response system

10.15: Client now drives: The use of high and low gearbox where and when to use it, and driving in areas to help client understand what the meaning of torque is in preference to power, and how relevant it is to understand it when driving off-road. This first time gives the client a chance to relax and for the instructor to gain an insight into the clients driving skills. Terrain tackled will be climbs and descents, technical sections and side slopes.

11.30 : Acclimatisation of the drivers to side slopes and the adverse effect vehicle loading and speed can have on the vehicle, climbs, controlled descents, mud, ruts and ditch crossings. This will help the client develop and understand the technique we call “ground reading skills” which along with positioning of the vehicle plays a major part in off-roading driving and 4×4 driving requirements.

13:00: Lunch

13:30: Stage two, now we cover the two safe recovery techniques used in failed hill climbs, one being that the driver as stalled on a steep climb, the second being that the vehicle has lost all traction and has stopped moving forward.

13:55: Ground familiarisation skills, here we have certain areas where the drivers have to walk a course and find the route they think will be the easiest for the vehicle, this is called ground reading skills and plays a big part in off-road driving, we try to teach that 4×4’ are not invincible machines and that sometimes a 5 minute walk or good recognisance can save hours!

14:25: Ditch and rut crossing techniques

14:40: General driving incorporating all the areas previously driven, but with the instructor not helping with advice, we also do routes in different directions and add in some previously un-driven mud and rutted tracks. We now demonstrate the correct techniques and problems incurred in “track” driving on safaris, body roll, corrective steering when and when not too are all explained here.

15:20: Wading preparation and river crossing techniques

15:35: Final appraisal and time for the drivers to ask for extra tuition on areas they feel weak on or the instructor feels they need work on

16:00: End of course …..

Enquire about our Full Day & Half Day 4 x 4 Training Courses

4 x 4 Training Half Day

2.5 hours of Off Road Fun using one of our vehicles. Enjoy a morning or afternoon of fun learning the basics of Off Road Driving, You will be amazed at how much fun you can pack into a few hours.
Add an extra guest for only £40pp

4 x 4 Training Half Day | £ 200

4 x 4 Training Full Day

5 hours of Off Road Fun using one of our vehicles, lunch is included.
Spend a Full Day with one of our highly trained instructors and you will learn how to tackle step hills, ditches, side slopes & weather permitting mud glorious mud.
Add an extra guest for only £70pp

4 x 4 Training Full Day | £ 360

Instructors Course

Instructors Course


Until a few years ago Pro-Trax did not organise instructor’s courses because we thought even with our considerable knowledge and training expertise, what gives us the right to do such training? It was only after trying “trained” instructors who had been trained by various other schools and organisations, that we took the decision to undertake such courses.

On the strength of our training methods Land Rover approached Vince Cobley in October 1999 to ask if he would be interested in becoming one of the newly formed Land Rover Experience centre’s in the UK, something I am glad to say is now in operation as a separate identity to Pro-Trax. I think this alone tells a lot about our professionalism and expertise as well as the methods we use.

I know our course’s help people get a footing in off-road instructing in this country, we certainly have a lot more knowledge and professionalism than most schools around, which of course brings along jealousy etc! The 4×4 training video I made for LRO magazine has sold out at present and many of my competitors and buyers have called to say what an excellent video they think it is.

The instructors course is now held over 4 days and utilises different sites of varying terrain (depending on the clients skills) ensuring the pupil has a good understanding of driving and instructional techniques required on the different types of driving surfaces they or their clients may come across at home and abroad. The terrain includes clay & stone, woodland tracks (some are very rutted and muddy), hilly grassland, sandstone, rock climbs, water crossings, marshland and reclaimed land as well as specifically designed sections which enable various techniques to be demonstrated and taught.

The morning of the first day will be spent in the classroom going through in detail the technical briefing and vehicle perameters as well as basic vehicle preparation and safety requirements.

We will demonstrate various IT techniques, which we have developed over the years giving our instructor ways of explaining a complicated procedure or mechanical component easily. Included in the classroom session is time spent on discussing people skills and how to meet and greet your clients correctly.

The afternoon will be spent on site driving on a gravel, grass and rock surface with ruts, mud and trial type sections, this will help us assess your own driving skills and will help to enhance handling and driving skills. This will help you understand vehicle handling problems and the mistakes pupils make, as well as giving a good insight on techniques used to train and demonstrate the various disciplines used whilst teaching. We will try to go through how easy it is to break differentials and half shafts on this type of terrain. The after- noon session will include wading techniques and how to talk about preparing a vehicle for water

Included in the day will be side slope explanation, failed hill climbs, how to demonstrate torque as opposed to power and the use of the high and low box. We also include a “visual aid” section where we show how to set the vehicle up to demonstrate to clients what you were previously talking about in the classroom.

The second day you will be a client of the Land Rover Experience at Rockingham Castle where you will undertake a full 1 day LANTRA level 1 course with another client, for this you will be certificated by Land Rover Experience and LANTRA. Rockingham Castle site concentrates more on mud, grass banks, and loose ground teaching and driving techniques.

The PM session will be spent de-briefing you on your Awareness course driving and rectifying any problem areas, also that afternoon you will shadow an experience instructor to see how a complete ½ day course is run. Some time will be spent on showing how to use what terrain you have on hand at a venue of your choice to set up a vehicle test and demonstration area..

The Third day you will once again be a “paying” client of the Land Rover Experience at Rockingham Castle where you will undertake a full 1-day level 2 course, and day 1 of the 2 day LANTRA Professional User course with another client, for this once again you will be certificated by Land Rover Experience and .

At the end of the level 2 course we will then move onto the various types of recovery techniques used, from Hi-Lift jacks through to Tirfor winches and onto vehicle mounted winches (subject to change should we feel the client require further driving tuition). We will also demonstrate and discuss various recovery techniques you may need to pass on to potential clients.

Overnight you will be given the instructors briefing pack (which you get to keep) and on the morning of the 4th day it will be a role reversal with you playing the part of an instructor with one of my instructors or a client acting as your pupil and you will undertake a ½ day off road driving course instructor exam on which you will be accessed.

The afternoon of day 4 is spent going through anything we or you think you are weak on, we will discuss advanced techniques and the convoy driving procedure. This will be followed by a short question and answer session a de-brief and presentation of certificates and training aids. Day 4 will also be Day 2 of the LANTRA Professional User course

The total cost of this package with graded certificates and briefing packs given to each pupil, will be £1550 + vat.(this includes your course certification LANTRA certificates) This would include use of one of our vehicles and lunch on each day, a complete training folder at the end of the course is also included. Please note that we pay Land Rover Experience and they pay LANTRA for you to undertake the 2 courses mentioned. We can arrange B&B locally or in house at approx. £34 per night.

I do hope this is of interest to you but should you have any questions or require further information please do not hesitate to contact me. As I mentioned 2013 will be a busy year for Pro-Trax and Off-Road Masters who operate the Land Rover Experience centre, east of England. We can not guarantee full time employment and do not offer it but the chance of part time work with us is very high if not from us then from one of many off-road schools starting up all over the country.

Please note this course does not pass you off as a Land Rover instructor or LANTRA instructor, but put you well on the way towards it. we put you through and certificates on 3 course’s with them, this is to show you the type of professionalism required to be an instructor in the 4×4 industry.

The Pro-Trax course is not certified by any agency (except LANTRA 4×4 & Professional User ) ) but we firmly believe the course gives you a good understanding of the techniques and methods required which should help to set you on the correct track, after all Pro-Trax is one of the oldest 4×4 training companies in the UK with experience and training second to none!

Instructors courses…4 day course | £ 1575